Breathe only fresh and healthy air in your car

Philips GoPure car air purifiers effectively remove allergens, airborne bacteria, dust, cigarette smoke, chemicals emitted from plastics, exhaust fumes and other toxic pollutants from your car. With automatic features and a high-quality compact design, this range of powerful and efficient air purifiers will quickly remove harmful particles from the air inside your vehicle. So on every journey you and your family will breathe only fresh and healthy air.

Philips GoPure car air purifiers feature a powerful, efficient and fast-acting air filtration system. The unique 3-stage SelectFilter Plus removes up to 125 harmful pollutants and exhaust gases, through its HEPA and HESA layers. Independently certified by Airmid Healthgroup, the SelectFilter Plus technology also removes up to 90% of airborne pollen allergens.

Automotive grade quality
Airmid healthgroup
Philips air purifier features

Real-time air quality sensing and digital display

Understand the driving factors of Car air quality


Inside your car, air quality can be up to five times more polluted than outside because tiny particles, dust, pollen, harmful gases, viruses and bacteria remain inside the car unfiltered.


The in-car pollution is a silent and invisible problem. We tend to believe that inside the car our family is protected against outside pollution, but most air-conditioning systems do virtually nothing to keep the harmful pollutants out. 


Our GoPure car air purification system filters out these pollutants quickly and efficiently, so you don't have to worry about the health of your family and enjoy a comfortable driving environment.

There is increasing awareness and concern about poor air quality and its impact on human health

Lady covering mask with hand

Rising allergy & asthma rates in China. 30% of Japanese have pollen allergies.

Car interior

People in China are worried about new car smell caused by toxic VOCs.

Bacteria infected air

Airbone bacteria and mouldy smells enter through air conditioning.

Haze spreaded through winds

Haze in Singapore due to forest burning in Indonesia.

Toxic car emission

Urban populations worry about toxic exhaust fumes and ozones.

Harmful factory emission to the air

Unhealthy smog caused by traffic and factories common in India and China.

Philips Gopure 56113 destroying airbone microbes

The SaniFilter Plus effectively captures 99.9% of ultra fine particles floating in the air inside your car, as small as 0.004um, such as viruses and bacteria.

Philips select filter plus


Air matters application

AirMatters app

Control your car air quality wherever you are

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Download the Air Matters app for GoPure 7101

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why my Philips GoPure Car air purifier does not start?

Please verify that the 12V power supply is on. Check the power connection and make sure the socket is properly inserted. Make sure the top cover is pushed down to lock properly. Press the power button again. If your device still does not restart, please contact your retailer.

Why some cars continue to power the 12V outlet when the engine is off?

To avoid draining the battery, Philips GoPure car air purifier will automatically power off after two hours of continuous running. To restart your device, press the power button.

After filter replacement, why the filter replacement indicator remains red at restart?

The power button was not properly pressed. Repeat the reset steps section 5.2 of User Manual. If filter replacement indicator turns off, the device has been reset properly.

Why the motor stops running for a short while?

This is normal: the device has a voltage protection. At times, the voltage supply from vehicle may vary and fluctuant, in these cases, the device will turn off automatically. Touch the power button to restart the device.

Why the healthy-air indicator does not change for a very long time?

It may simply indicate stable air quality. It may also indicate that the air intake slots are obstructed or polluted. Make sure the air circulation around the device is free. Restart the device. If the problem remains, please contact your retailer.

Why the healthy-air indicator changes frequently?

This is normal and the device is working properly. When the air quality is poor, the device performs its cleaning process. However, the healthy-air indicator reflects the air quality near the device. At times, this may bring a frequent air quality display change. Let the GoPure car air purifier perform its cleaning process. When the air reaches good quality, the healthy-air indicator will turn blue as described.

Why the healthy-air indicator shows a blue light, but some odor still remains in the car?

Philips GoPure healthy-air indicator only reflects dust- related pollution in the air. It does not indicate chemical pollution. However, Philips GoPure car air purifier still removes dust and chemical pollutants while running. Let the device perform its cleaning process and the air quality will improve rapidly.

The car air purifier has been running for a long time, yet my new car continues to produce unpleasant odor. What is the reason for this?

Some unpleasant odor in new cars may come out continuously from a variety of sources. GoPure car air purifier device continues to purify the air. However, some odors may be produced continuously. GoPure car air purifier reduces the air pollutants considerably. To speed up the air cleaning process in a new car, you may run GoPure car air purifier with the New Car mode via your APP connection.

App on smartphone fails to connect the GoPure car air purifier. How to solve this issue?

Make sure GoPure car air purifier is connected to power normally, the distance between the device and the smart phone must be less than 5m, the device has been successfully paired with Android device in its Bluetooth Setting. But due to a great variety of phone models with Android system, we can’t guarantee all models can use every APP function.

Why the car air purifier is noisy at times?

Philips GoPure car air purifier has 3 speed settings: boost, auto and silent mode. (In some products, only boost mode and silent mode are are available). At boost mode, the motor will be set to high speed to accelerate purification. You can set speed to auto mode or silent mode. In auto mode, GoPure car air purifier will adjust motor speed automatically according to pollution level, motor speed and sound will be reduced automatically when the air quality is good. In silent mode, the air purifier will adjust to low speed.

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