Kitchen Appliances

for cooking and baking


  • Multicooker and Rice Cooker

    Multicooker and Rice Cooker

    from MYR225.00*

    • Brings unparalleled convenience to your healthy homemade meals
    • Unattended cooking for less time in the kitchen and more time doing the things you love
    • Healthy choice for your family

  • Electric Pressure Cooker

    Electric Pressure Cooker

    from MYR470.00*

    • More taste, less time and effort
    • Tenderize tough ingredients much quicker than traditional way
    • Multiple safety protection systems ensure safety during cooking

  • Airfryer


    from MYR753.00*

    • Great tasting fries with up to 80% less fat!
    • Patented Rapid Air Technology for greatest frying results
    • With the Airfryer you can fry, grill, roast and even bake

    Learn more about the Airfryer >

  • Steamer


    from MYR197.00*

    •Steaming bowl for soup, stew, rice and more
    •Keep Warm function keeps your food warm till it's served
    •Dishwasher-safe parts make cleaning easy

  • Toaster


    from MYR108.00*

    • No matter fresh or frozen, always evenly golden brown
    • Thick or thin, pastries or rolls, just nicely browned or warm
    • Effortless crumb management

  • Bread Maker

    Bread Maker

    from MYR716.00*

    •Wake up to fresh home made bread everyday
    •Full control on ingredients, size, browning level
    •Bread, dough, Jam even yogurt made easy

*Suggested retail price
**Specifications shown are not applicable to all products within each range.

kitchen machine

Philips Airfryer. Healthier frying with air

Do you like to fry food at home, but do you experience the disadvantages of a fryer? Unhealthy, nasty odors, hard to clean,…The Philips Airfryer is the ideal solution! With the Philips Airfryer you can fry much healthier…with air!


Compared to a normal fryer, fries from the Philips Airfryer contain up to 80% less fat* and taste delicious! Also, the Philips Airfryer is easy to clean as the drawer food basket and attachments are 100% dishwasher safe and doesn’t cause any unpleasant odors in your home when frying the food.

* Compared to fresh fries prepared in a conventional Philips fryer

Philips recipes


Easy to use, lots of options and endless recipes; Using Philips kitchen appliances will result in a perfectly served dish every day. Do you need inspiration to surprise your friends? Please have a look on the Philips recipe page. For example, create a delicious lentil soup as a starter with the soup maker, lamb with vegetables as a main course from the Airfryer and close the evening with tiramisu as a dessert using the kitchen machine.

How do you prepare fresh fries using the Airfryer? This recipe will explain you how!
A delicious meal from your Airfryer, beef teriyaki with snow peas and mushrooms.
Try out this Airfryer recipe with pork and frozen green beans.
Full of fresh vegetables, this quick tomato-vegetable soup from your Soup Maker.
airfryer app

Airfryer app


With more than 200 recipes the Philips Airfryer app inspires home cooks every day to prepare a delicious, healthy meal.


You can download the app for iOS or Android.

Philips kitchen appliances


Good kitchen equipment is a must in every kitchen. It is a lot easier to create tasty recipes with tools such as food processors, mixers and hand blenders. Most devices have multiple applications, which makes them suitable for multiple purposes. The soup maker for example can be used to make a delicious pumpkin soup with chorizo, but also to make a delicious banana smoothie in the morning.


The Airfryer is also a perfect example of versatile cooking. One evening you can make crispy fries in the Airfryer, while the next evening you can bake delicious lasagna. Whatever you want to cook, bake, fry or grill, there is always a kitchen appliance that can help you prepare your food.

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