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At Philips Avent, we want to liberate women to self-care


That’s why we create trusted, superior products and solutions, enabling you to share the care to give your best to baby.

Societal pressures and expectations on moms have never been higher

From newborn to toddler, our products enable all care givers to share the care for baby

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Supporting moms from Day 1 – Get the Pregnancy + app


The #1 worldwide pregnancy app, Philips Avent is by your side to help you plan, learn and share the care from the start. With daily pregnancy info, diet, exercise and labour info, colour and scan images reflective of baby development, Pregnancy+ supports parents throughout their journey. Loved by millions of parents around the world and full of supportive tools.

The baby on the phone is in 3D format and it’s for illustration purpose.

Caring for mom, baby and planet


Caring for mom, baby and planet

Together, we can share the care to help your baby grow up in a world that’s as cared for as they are. At Philips Avent, we believe it is our responsibility to provide more sustainable choices that allow you to give the best care to your little one, with as little impact on the planet as possible.


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How do you use a manual breast pump for the first time?

To use a manual breast pump for the first time, assemble the pump according to the manufacturer's instructions, position the flange over your nipple, create a gentle suction by squeezing and releasing the handle, and adjust the rhythm to mimic your baby's natural sucking motion.

What size flange is the Philips Avent manual pump?

The Avent manual breast pump typically comes with a standard-sized flange. However, it's essential to check the specific model or product package as some may include different flange sizes to accommodate varying breast shapes and sizes.

How long should you pump with a manual breast pump?

The duration of manual breast pumping sessions can vary, but a common recommendation is to pump for about 15-20 minutes per breast, or until milk flow slows down. Adjust the time based on your comfort and milk supply.

How long does it take to charge Philips Avent breast pump?

Philips Avent manual breast pumps do not require charging as they operate manually. If you are referring to an electric Avent breast pump, the charging time will depend on the specific model, but it generally takes a few hours to fully charge the pump.

How do you put together an Philips Avent manual pump?

To assemble an Avent manual breast pump, follow the provided instructions, typically involving connecting the handle, diaphragm, and breast pump body. Ensure all components are securely attached before use.

Do you need to sterilize the breast pump after each use?

While it's not necessary to sterilize the breast pump after each use, it's recommended to clean and sanitize the pump parts daily, especially for newborns or those with compromised immune systems. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for proper cleaning and sterilization methods.


* Breastfeeding provides optimal nutrition for healthy growth and development in babies, offering the perfect balance of nutrients while being gentle on their developing stomach and body systems. It's advised to breastfeed exclusively for the first 6 months, followed by continued breastfeeding alongside solid food introduction until at least 1 to 2 years of age.
* About the research - The international research was carried out by OnePoll on behalf of Philips in November 2023 with 12,000 moms with children aged 0-3 in each the following countries: US, France, India, Indonesia, Poland, Turkey, Brazil, Germany (total of 12,000 mom respondents). The research also includes questions asked to 2,000 members of the general population (weighted to be Nationally Representative on the basis of age/gender/region) in each of the same countries as listed above (total of 16,000 general population respondents).

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