Slow & Pressure Cooker, All-in-One Multi Cooker

    Enjoy the Healthy Meals even during the Busiest Days!

    Slow cook, pressure cook and multi cook all in the one machine

    Enjoy healthy meals 
    even during the busiest days! Different ingredients are cooked just right under accurate control of pressure and temperature thanks to the dual control system with 50% reduction of heating fluctuation.

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    Suggested retail price: MYR999.00
    Philips All-in-One Cooker

    Discover the Premium All-in-One Multi Cooker


    With Dual Temperature Control System, it’s so efficient that you can achieve perfectly tender meat 6x faster*!

    You can pressure cook, slow cook, steam, bake, and even make yoghurt! Discover the diversity with Philips Premium Collection All in One Multi cooker.


    * Rendang. 40 minutes with pressure cooker vs 4 hours with gas cooker


    Key features & benefits

    All ijn one cooker

    Dual Sensor System  

    With Dual sensor system, the new All-in-One cooker accurately controls the temperature and reduces heating fluctuation by 50%*. With this accuracy, different ingredients are cooked just right so that you can enjoy high quality meals and even gourmet cuisine at home easily.


    Safe cooking

    Safe cooking

    Now with 18 safety features for peace of mind. Includes child lock.


    Progress bar

    Auto Keep Warm  

    Food will be kept warm for up to 12 hours after cooking finishes


    Ultimate in conviniance

    Add ingredient function  

    Add delicate ingredients at later stage of pressure cook

    Free recipe book

    Free Tailor- made recipe book

    30 tailor-made recipes and global cuisine for your inspiration and help you to cook various dishes all-year round.


    2 year guarantee

    2 Year worldwide guarantee

    Product quality you can trust and rely on

    Which All-in-One Cooker is right for me?

    Avance Collection

    Premium All-in-One Multi Cooker

    Avance Collection

    Viva Collection

    All-in-One Cooker

    Viva Collection


    Size of Pot

    • 6L pot
    • 6L pot

    Control pad

    • Sensor touch
    • Press button

    Keep warm

    • 12hr
    • 12hr

    Present time

    • 24hr
    • 24hr

    Pressure setting

    • 20 – 70 kPa
    • --

    Child lock

    • Yes
    • -

    Progression Indicator

    • Yes
    • Yes

    Add ingredient

    • Yes
    • -

    Sauce thickening

    • Yes
    • -

    My favourite

    • Yes
    • -

    Slow cook

    • 2-12 hrs
    • 2-12 hrs


    • 2min-59min
    • 2min-119min

    Pressure cook

    • Steam, Pork/Poultry, Beef/Lamb, Soup/Lentils, Rice/Risotto
    • Steam, Meat/Poultry, Soup, Rice/Risotto, Manual

    Multi cook

    • Saute/Sear, Slow cook (low/high), Pot roast, Stew, Bake, Yoghurt
    • Saute/Sear, Slow cook (low/high) Stew, Bake, Yoghurt

    Direct functions

    • Warm, Cancel, Reheat, Sauce thickening, My favourite, Add ingredient, Pressure
    • Warm, Cancel, Reheat, Preset
    * Suggested retail price

    Premium all-in-one Multicooker How To Clean Videos

    video thumbnail

    How to clean the detachable inner lid & sealing ring

    video thumbnail

    How to clean the float valve

    video thumbnail

    How to clean the pressure regulator


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