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Particle AHAM CADR*: 393, App connected, Allergen mode AC3259/30


How do I reset my Philips Air Purifier or Humidifier?

If you are wondering how to reset your Philips Air Purifier or Humidifier, please find the answer below.

Resetting your Philips Air Purifier or Humidifier

Your Philips Air Purifier or Humidifier needs to be reset after replacing a filter.

1- On the side of your purifier/humidifier, you will see the air quality sensor lid.

2- Below this air quality sensor lid, you will find the air quality sensor inlet.

3- The reset button is a red button located under the air quality sensor inlet.

4- Make sure your appliance is connected to the power supply.

5- Use a thin object to press the reset button to reset the appliance.

The information on this page applies to the following models: AC3259/30 , AC1215/30 , AC2887/30 , AC2882/30 , AC3256/30 , AC4081/31 , HU4801/30 , AC4012/02 , AC4014/02 , AC4025/01 , AC4084/02 , AC4084/01 , AC4025/00 , AC4084/00 , AC4012/00 , AC4014/00 , AC4055/00 , AC4065/00 , AC4064/00 . more less

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