breast milk

It's challenging, yet rewarding. Support from 

a partner helps in your breastfeeding journey.

Team work to make the dream work


There's no doubt about it, breastfeeding can be as challenging as it is worthwhile.

So, it helps to remember that partners, family, friends and health professionals are all able to provide support when you need it. As you start your breastfeeding journey, what should you know?

More than nutrition

We like to call breast milk 'liquid gold'. Because in your newborn's first six months, breast milk will provide all the water and nutrients they need, it is the perfect package. Yet breast milk is so much more than that.


Babies who are breastfed suffer from less sickness and diarrhoea, and fewer ear and chest infections. The benefits also continue for mum, with women who breastfeed experiencing lower risks of breast cancer, some forms of ovarian cancer, and diabetes in later life.


Breastfeeding for six months reduces the likelihood of infections for at least a year, but there's no limit on how long women can breastfeed.

Quick facts about feeding

  • Babies are happier if they're fed as soon as they show signs of being hungry.


  • Babies usually feed frequently in the early weeks, especially during the evenings (anything from 8 to 12 times or more in 24 hours).


  • Some babies are slow feeders at first, but they get quicker as they get older.


  • The more a baby feeds, the more milk their mum makes because it's the removal of milk that drives the production of it.


  • Women enjoy feeding more when they are comfortable and relaxed.

"To me, breastfeeding is an act of love."

Dr Abou-Dakn's advice

"Partners will naturally worry about mum when she experiences difficulty with breastfeeding. In most cases, looking for solutions to support breastfeeding and offering encouragement are the best ways to help."


Dr Michael Abou-Dakn, Chief Physician of Gynecology,

St Joseph Hospital, Berlin, Germany

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