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My Sonicare toothbrush is not turning on

Updated on 01 August 2022
Is your Philips Sonicare Toothbrush no longer turning on or will not charge? The operational time for a fully charged toothbrush is between 2-3 weeks, based on 2, 2-minute brushing sessions per day. If there are no vibrations when you turn your toothbrush on, your toothbrush may have run out of battery and it will need to be charged.

Try the following to resolve this issue:
  • Place the toothbrush handle on the charger. Charge your toothbrush if the battery indicator light blinks or if you hear a beep. 
  • If you have not used your toothbrush for a month or more, leave the handle in the charger and check after 24 hours. You may not immediately see a charging indicator when you first place the handle on the charger.
  • Ensure that you plug your toothbrush into a working socket to charge it. Charging times may vary per toothbrush model. See your user manual for more details. 

Charger compatibility

If you are not using the original charger that came with your toothbrush, your toothbrush may not charge properly. This could cause the toothbrush to not turn on. Ensure that you use the original charger as not all charging bases are interchangeable

The power button is stuck

Toothpaste residue can build up in the gap around the power button causing it to get stuck and not turn on. Clean the power button and the surrounding area with a damp cloth to ensure that it is free of debris. We recommend removing and rinsing the brush head underwater after each use to remove residue.
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