FM wireless headphone

    FM wireless headphone

    LIghtweight wireless receiver

    Wear the ultimate personal wireless HiFi headphone and enjoy music, movies and TV in comfort. This new format, with in-ear headphone, no headband or neckband and a separate receiver, redefines listening pleasure and freedom of movement. See all benefits

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LIghtweight wireless receiver

  • Balance control to compensate for hearing imbalance

    If you have better hearing in one ear than the other, you can easily compensate for this using the adjustable left-right balance, and enjoy a personalized listening experience.

  • Treble and bass boost let you optimise the sound

    Enjoy the most natural sound reproduction for your choice of music by boosting the treble and bass.

  • Providing tangle-free cable storage.

    An easy accessable storage area in the transmitter allows for the headphone along with its cable to be stored.

  • Double PLL ensures stable transmission and reception link

    Both the transmitter and the wireless headphone have precision microprocessor-controlled Phase Locked Loop (PLL) systems to ensure the most stable transmission.

  • Energizing docking station stores and re-charges receiver

    The docking station is the most convenient way to store your receiver when not in use. At the same time, it will recharge your reciever unit and have it ready for use at any moment.

  • FM Wireless transmission for freedom of movement

    With high frequency FM wireless transmission, which can even pass through walls, you can even listen to your music when you're in another room.

  • Absence of a headband means no hassles with your hairstyle

    This is the only wireless headphone that does not mess up your hair!

  • Choose the Nicam language from the receiver

    In countries that transmit some TV programmes in two languages, you can remotely choose which one to listen to from a control on the receiver unit.

  • Ultra lightweight headband improves comfort

    The slim, lightweight stainless steel headband is so light you'll hardly notice you're wearing it.

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