Ultinon Pro7000 SI Car and truck signaling bulb


Enjoy lasting brightness for a safer drive.

For a stylish drive, upgrade to Philips Ultinon Pro7000 LED [≈W5W] position lights. The 135lm light output increases visibility so you can signal safely and stylishly.

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Ultinon Pro7000 SI Car and truck signaling bulb


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Enjoy lasting brightness for a safer drive.

Brighter, elegant signals

  • LED-T10 [≈W5W]
  • Number of bulbs: 2
  • 12V, 6000 K Cool White
  • Advanced automotive system

Signal your intent with brighter exterior lighting

Signaling the intended movement of your vehicle is vital to your safety. To avoid collisions, other people need to know what you're doing. And when poor weather reduces visibility, the need for bright and vibrant signaling becomes even greater. Philips Ultinon Pro7000 LED signaling lights provide you with a bright daylight effect plus up to 6000 K for positioning and interior lighting. Your car says a lot about you, so make a style statement with Philips LED signaling lights.

Ergonomic design with three-LED array

Whether it's for parking lights, glove compartments, or interior lighting, Philips Ultinon Pro7000 LED gives you a uniform light distribution. Its wide angle ensures that the light is projected where you need it.

Upgrade your lights, upgrade your style

While the main goal of exterior lighting is to help you see and be seen, there's no reason why you shouldn't look good at the same time. If you're wanting to upgrade your style without buying a newer car, replacing your exterior lighting with Philips Ultinon Pro7000 LED signals is a smart way to spend your money.

Enhanced lifetime of up to 5,000 hours

You want bright, stylish car lights but you don't want to keep replacing failed lamps. That's a major weakness of conventional bulbs - the more powerful the light, the shorter its lifespan. Even at a higher light intensity, LEDs last much longer. Philips Ultinon Pro7000 LED lights are built to last. Due to features such as high-end LED technology and advanced heat-management systems, they last for up to 5,000 hours of operation.

HeatShield ensures durable performance

With HeatShield technology, Philips Ultinon Pro7000 T10 bulbs are resistant to high temperatures even when installed next to headlight bulbs. Made with a special composite material, they can endure any thermal challenge and still offer high performance.

Easy to install and compatible with most car models

Enjoy the plug-and-play experience: Philips Ultinon Pro7000 comes with standard caps and is polarity-free, so replacement is quick and easy.

Electrical compatibility with most cars

LED retrofit and conventional bulbs differ from one another in terms of wattage, composition, and power consumption. Replacing your conventional bulbs with other LEDs may prove problematic. Philips Ultinon Pro7000 bulbs are electrically compatible with most cars. Additional adapters are available as accessories for troubleshooting if needed. We sell a complete solution.

Technical Specifications

  • Marketing specifications

    Product highlight
    Polarity-free, Automotive Grade LED, Powerful brightness, Uniform light distribution
    Expected benefits
    Brighter, elegant signals
  • Product description

    Interior, front parking/position, dashboard, glove compartment, trunk…
    W5W LED Boost 11961 U70CB 12V X2
    Homologation ECE
    Ultinon Pro7000 SI
    LED-T10 [≈W5W]
    12  V
  • Lifetime

    Life time
    5000 hrs
  • Light characteristics

    Color temperature
    6000  K
  • Electrical characteristics

    0.87W  W
    12  V
  • Ordering information

    Order entry
    Ordering code
  • Packaging Data

    Packaging type
  • Packed product information

    7,0 cm  cm
    2,5 cm  cm
    11,5 cm  cm
    Pack Quantity
    2 pcs
    MOQ (for professionals)
    10 packs
    Gross weight per piece [g]
  • Outerpack information

    19,5 cm  cm
    15,5 cm  cm
    8,5 cm  cm
    Gross weight [kg]

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