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    Slim tablet phone

    Manage your personal data and enjoy full multimedia features with the Philips S900. A slim and stylish tablet phone offering Bluetooth connectivity, 2.0 Megapixel camera, MPEG4 video recording and handwriting recognition for easy messaging. See all benefits

    CTS900/AGOSA0ID Find similar products


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Slim tablet phone

  • 2 megapixel digital camera for crisp, vivid pictures

    2 megapixel digital camera for crisp, vivid pictures

    Use your 2 megapixel digital camera to enhance your photo experience with crisp, vivid pictures. The intuitive design and user interface allow you to easily take high-resolution photos of up to 1600 x 1200 pixels to use as wallpaper for your phone display; send from your phone via MMS, Bluetooth, or infrared; or print and share.

  • Small and lightweight

    This Philips sound system has a compact and attractive design packed with full multimedia features. Keep in touch with your contacts and friends with ease, and maximize the phone's features for a great mobile experience on the go.

  • MP3 playback and ringtones for a superior audio experience

    Use the USB data cable to transfer MP3 music files to your phone for a superior audio experience on the go. You can also personalize your ringtone using your MP3 files.

  • MPEG4 video recording

    MPEG4 video recording lets you record your precious moments in high-quality MPEG4 video format with a selection of effects, then display in full-screen mode.

  • Mini SD card expansion slot for extra memory/data storage

    Store more of the pictures, videos, and music files that matter to you by inserting a mini SD card into the built-in expansion card slot of your phone.

  • Bluetooth for easy wireless connection to other devices

    Bluetooth technology allows easy wireless connection to other Bluetooth devices on the go. Enrich your mobile experience by using your Bluetooth headset, and easily and quickly receive and share files on your phone wirelessly.

  • On-screen handwriting recognition

    The intuitive and fast way to write text messages. Simply write on the touch screen as you would write on a piece of paper to have the phone convert your handwriting into an SMS (Short Message Service) text message. The feature has built-in handwriting recognition capability in both Chinese (traditional and simplified) and English (Roman alphabet).

  • Touch screen

    Use the touch screen and integrated stylus to switch to an interface that is simple, intuitive, and comfortable to use. The touch screen lets you quickly navigate menus, write SMS, play games, and access other applications.

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