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5 reasons why you need a garment steamer

Let’s face it, you’re busy and you need your clothes to shine as much as you do.  Whether you need to get that dress or shirt crisp for your day at the office, or you don’t want to break out an ironing board every time you just want to touch up your clothes, garment steamers can be a great addition to your garment care routine. 


Below, we’ll tell you why.

#1 - Garment steamers are good on the go


This is probably a familiar situation: you’re rushing to get ready in the morning and you’ve got to knock the wrinkles out of a dress shirt, blouse, dress, or slacks. You grab the ironing board and set it up, then you plug in your iron, wait for it to warm up, and then stretch your garment out and quickly begin ironing it, panel by panel. And it takes longer than you expected. 


Using garment steamers, all you need to do is turn it on, wait for it to warm up (our steamers are ready-to-use in less than 1 minute), hang your garment, stretch it out, and press your steamer against your garment. And you’re out the door without a fuss!

more control less effort

#2 - Garment steamers can handle any fabric you can throw at it without burning it


Here’s another scenario: you have a lot of clothes made of a bunch of different fabrics. Cotton, wool, denim, linen, and silk items line your closet and you want to make them shine without the risk of burning them.


This is where our garment steamers come in, which can get the wrinkles out of any ironable fabric in a flash. Our line of garment steamers offers adjustable steam settings and automatic, SmartFlow technology that heats the steam to an optimal temperature that is safe for a range of fabrics.  So, voilá, no matter what material you throw at our garment steamers, they can handle it, keeping you looking sharp!

Garment steamers can handle any fabric

#3 - Odours become a thing of the past


Without a doubt, one of the main reasons you would want to consider a garment steamer is the ease: it doesn’t require an ironing board and it’s quick.


However, there’s another really good reason: bacteria.


Our garment steamers have continuous steam which gets rid of a whole lot of bacteria and removes odours. This also means less trips to the cleaners and less washing, which will extend the life of your clothes.

#4 – Garment steamers travel well


If you’re a person who frequently travels and likes to have their garments looking fresh, there’s a couple of options. Some hotels have ironing boards and irons in rooms, and maybe even trouser presses, and some may offer dry cleaning and pressing services.


A better way to ensure your garments will be winkle free is a handheld steamer. A portable garment steamer is compact, easily fitting amongst your other necessities. Our handled steamers are also pretty light, so they won’t be like rocks in your suitcase.

Clothes steamers travel well

#5 – Garment steamers are easily handle hard-to-iron clothing  


It’s important that you look good and put together whether you’re wearing that stunning blouse with ruffles, a new pleated skirt or pair of pants, or even that exquisite evening top with sequins. We know getting wrinkles out of these pieces of clothing with ruffles, embellishments, ruching, peplums, and puffs can be a chore, consuming a lot of your time and energy.


Yet, again, the fast and easy solution to making these items wrinkle-free quickly is with a garment steamer, which easily handle all the curves and contours on your clothing as naturally as you wear it.

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