StyleCare Essential Curler

16 mm barrel, 200°C temperature, Ceramic coating BHB862/00


My hair gets trapped in my Philips Curler

If your hair gets stuck or tangled in your Philips Hair Curler or Auto Curler, try our troubleshooting advice to solve this issue.

You are using too much hair

Only use the advised amount of hair in your curling device while styling your hair. If you try styling too much hair in one go, it might get trapped in your curling device.

Some Philips Curlers come with a sectioning tool that helps you determine the correct amount of hair you should take for curling at a time.

Your hair was not combed

Before curling your hair, make sure you comb your hair properly to detangle it.

Not using the curler correctly

It is important to use your curler according to the right instructions. This means that you should hold it, insert hair into it and release it in the way described in your user manual.

If you are using a traditional hair curler, which is a long rod, make sure you place your hair at the middle of the barrel, and not towards the end, where it is at a higher risk of getting trapped.

While using a Philips Auto Curler, make sure you hold it vertically while curling your hair with it. If your hair gets stuck in the auto curler, do not panic. Turn the curler off and gently pull out your strands of hair from the curler.

If you have tried the advice above but your hair is still getting trapped in your curler, please contact us for further help.

Holding Philips Curlers correctly

The information on this page applies to the following models: BHB862/00 , BHB862/03 .

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