wireless portable speaker

Bluetooth®, Built-in microphone for calls, Rechargeable battery BT2200R/27

Frequently Asked Questions

Volume is lower when external player is connected via AUX-IN to my Philips speaker

Yes. This is normal. This is because of the volume output limitation of the MP3 player or mobile phone. This limitation is designed to protect your hearing when you listen to music from the MP3 player or mobile phone using an earphone.

The information on this page applies to the following models: BT2200R/27 , BT2200A/00 , BT2200R/00 , BT2200B/00 , BT1300A/00 , BT1300B/00 , BT1300L/00 , BT1300R/00 , BT2000A/00 , BT2000B/00 , BT2000L/00 , BT2000R/00 , BT5580B/12 , BT5580W/12 , BT2500B/00 , BT2500W/00 , BT3500B/00 , BT3500W/00 , SB3700/98 , SB7210/98 , SB7260/12 , SB7220/98 , SB7300/98 , SB7100/98 , SB7200/98 . Show more product numbers Show less product numbers

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