SBA1710GRN/00  Portable speaker
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Portable speaker


Can my Philips speakers work with different Operating systems?

Yes. The audio signal of the speaker is transferred through the 3.5mm connection cable. The signal can be transferred no matter which operating system the computer runs.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SBA1710GRN/00 , SBA1710BLU/00 , SBA1710PNK/00 , SBA1610PUR/00 , SBA1610BLU/00 , SBA1610RED/00 , SBA1610PNK/00 , SBA1610GRN/00 , SBA1610/00 , SBA1710/00 , SBA1600/00 , SBA3000/00 , SBA1600PNK/00 , SBA1600GRN/00 , SBA1600BLU/00 , SBA1600BLK/00 , SBA1520/98 , SBA1500/97 , SBA1700/00 , SPA2210/97 , SPA3251/97 , SPA2210V/97 , SPA5300/93 , SBA290/97 , SPA2341/93 , SBA230/97 , SBA220/00 . Show more product numbers Show less product numbers


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