PicoPix Pocket projector

350 lumens, with media player PPX4935/EU

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Touchpad on the Philips PicoPix4935 support gestures?

Yes, the PicoPix PPX4935 supports 6 different gestures:

  1. Touch (one-finger press, lift) –to select items or type on keyboard

  2. Double touch (one-finger press, lift & one-finger press, lift) –to zoom in

  3. Double-touch drag (one-finger press, lift & one-finger press, move & lift) –to scroll or zoom in/out

  4. Pinch open (two-finger press, move outwards, lift) - zoom in

  5. Pinch close (two-finger press, move inwards, lift) - zoom out

  6. Two-finger swipe, scroll, drag (two-finger press, move, lift) - scroll in lists or websites, select multiple items

The information on this page applies to the following models: PPX4935/EU .

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