PicoPix Pocket projector

100 lumens PPX4010/INT


How to connect the Philips PicoPix 4010 to a laptop using the optional VGA cable PPA1250?

If your laptop is equipped with a VGA output, you can connect it to the PPX4010 using the optional cable PPA1250 (not supplied with the picopix), below are the steps:

  1. Connect the USB-Y-cable to the USB/DC-in slot on the projector
  2. Connect USB plugs on the other end to the laptop
  3. Connect the VGA mini-HDMI-end to the projector's mini-HDMI socket
  4. Connect the VGA plug to the computer's VGA socket
  5. Adjust the computer's resolution to the correct setting and switch the VGA signal to an external monitor

Note: The 3,5mm audio plug on the VGA cable is not needed as the PPX4010 does not have a built in speakers.

The information on this page applies to the following models: PPX4010/INT .

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