Avent Baby Bath and Room Thermometer



My Philips Avent bath thermometer does not show readings.

The Philips Avent bath thermometer is here to make your life easier. If it does not show readings it might be time to replace the battery.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Firmly press the measuring unit out of the rubber casing
  2. Remove the battery cap
  3. Carefully remove the batteries with a small screwdriver or similar
  4. Insert two new LR44 button batteries and replace the cover
  5. Smear some silicone grease on the edges of the cover to ensure a watertight seal
  6. Put the measuring unit back into the rubber casing


  • Only use this product in water when you have assembled it according the instructions
  • Only use recommended batteries
  • Never use two different types of battery e.g. alkaline, normal or rechargeable
  • Do not use old and new batteries at the same time
  • After replacing the battery, the watertight warrantee lapses
  • Please consult the manual for other remarks and warnings

The information on this page applies to the following models: SCH550/00 , SCH550/20 .

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