CompactTouch Compact garment steamer

CompactTouch Compact garment steamer

1000 W, Steam-on-demand, Integrated cover for storage, Door hanger, glove GC420/05


My Philips Garment steamer does not produce steam

If there is no steam coming out of the Philips steamer head, you can often easily solve it yourself. Find out how.

3. Let the steamer heat up for 60 seconds (steam-ready light flashes)

When the steamer is ready for use, the light will shine continuously

Preparing for use

4. Press the steam trigger fully

Steam trigger

5. Refill the water tank to its indicated level

Refilling the water tank

The information on this page applies to the following models: GC420/05 , GC320/05 , GC310/05 .

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