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My Philips epilator does not work

If your Philips epilator does not work as it should, this can be due to various reasons. You can, however, often easily solve the issue yourself.

The overheat protection has been activated:

When the epilator stops working (speed setting indications and the charging light start flashing red), the overheat protection has been activated. Let the epilator cool down. The lights should stop flashing after 30 seconds.

When the epilator has cooled down, switch it back on. If the lights start flashing again, the epilator has not cooled down properly.

The rechargeable batteries are empty:

When the charging light is red continuously, the batteries are empty and in need of charging. You can run the epilator from the mains when the batteries are empty.

The travel lock is active:

Press and hold the on/off button for 3 seconds until the speed setting indications flash white 2 times. The travel lock has been deactivated and you can press the on/off button to switch the epilator on. You can also plug it into the wall socket to deactivate the travel lock.

The overload protection:

Is activated when something gets caught between the rotating tweezers or if you pressed the epilator too hard on your skin.

When the overload protection has been activated, the speed setting indications flash red. Turn the tweezers with your thumb until you can easily remove the item that is blocking the rotating tweezers. Then switch it back on again. Do not press too hard on your skin. If the above does not solve your issue, please contact your local Philips dealer.

The information on this page applies to the following models: BRE632/00 , BRE610/00 , BRE630/00 .

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