Saeco Exprelia Evo Super-automatic espresso machine

Brews 7 coffee varieties, Integrated milk jug & frother, Stainless steel, 5 step adjustable grinder HD8857/01


I cannot finish the descaling procedure of my Saeco Exprelia.

If you cannot finish the descaling process of your Saeco Exprelia espresso machine, please continue reading for instructions on how to finish the process.

Instructions on how to finish the descaling procedure

Interrupting the descaling process by unplugging/switching off the machine will not exit the descaling procedure. Once you have started the descaling procedure, it must be completed in full. The complete descaling procedure takes about 35 minutes and consists of 2 cycles: 1 descaling cycle and 1 rinsing cycle.

  1. Empty, clean and dry the internal drip tray and put it back

  2. Fill the water tank with fresh water to the MAX level

  3. Fill milk carafe halfway with fresh water

  4. Place a container under the steam/hot water wand and the coffee/milk dispensing spout

  5. Plug in the machine and switch it on by setting the power switch on the back of the machine to the “I” position. The machine turns on and goes into standby straight away. The ON/OFF button starts flashing

  6. Press the flashing ON/OFF button

  7. The machine turns ON

  8. If the display shows “FILL TANK WITH DESCALING SOLUTION”, the machine was interrupted during the descaling cycle

  9. Press the OK button until “STEP 1/2 DESCALING” is displayed. The machine starts dispensing

  10. Wait until “RINSE TANK & FILL WITH WATER” is displayed

  11. Follow the instructions on the display. They will guide you through the rinsing cycle

  12. If the display shows “RINSE TANK & FILL WITH WATER”, the machine was interrupted during the rinsing cycle

  13. Press the OK button until “RINSE TANK & STEP 2/2 RINSING” is displayed. The machine starts dispensing

  14. Wait until “Exprelia” is displayed. This means that the machine has completed the descaling procedure and is ready for use

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD8857/01 .

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