Avance Collection Masticating juicer

MicroMasticating technology, Metallic Grey, LED feedback, Extra filter HR1897/31


The power button flashes and the Philips juicer has stopped

There may be times when the ON/OFF button starts flashing as you attempt to turn the Philips juicer on. Below you can find tips on how to resolve this.

The juicer switched off due to overload

Try to switch the juicer on again or press the pre-clean button (see picture below) continuously. If the juicer starts working again, simply continue juicing.

If pressing the pre-clean button does not help, clean the juicing unit.

No luck?

Please contact our Customer Care team in your country.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HR1897/31 , HR1897/30 .

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