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Philips AquaTrio Cordless 9000 Series

The revolutionary Philips AquaTrio Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum cleaner is our most complete* cleaning solution, to hygienically vacuum and mop in one go, ideal for the mess and spills modern life can throw at us. So get living!

Philips AquaTrio cordless vacuum and mop, series 9000, XW9385

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*The only cordless solution with 3 configurations (vac only, vac & active mop, handheld); front & backward removal of multiple dirt types including spills and constantly cleaned brushes.

Philips AquaTrio cordless vacuum and mop, series 9000, XW9385

Getting started

Assemble your AquaTrio in no time with our video guidance

How to assemble your AquaTrio Cordless 9000 Series

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Learn to use your AquaTrio Cordless in different set ups based on your need

How to use Vacuum and Mop set-up

How to use vacuum and mop setup

How to use Vacuum only set-up

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Cleaning and maintenance

Get the best out of your appliances by maintaining it well

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How to clean your Vacuum and Mop set-up

How to maintain vacuum only setup video thumbnail

How to maintain your Vacuum only set-up

Philips Floor Cleaner

Safe to be used with your Philips AquaTrio Cordless

Cleaning solution bottle thumbnail

Floor cleaning solution designed for all hard floors.

Concentrated formula thumbnail

Cleaning concentrated formula, 10ml per cleaning session.

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Tips and tricks

How to use the cleaning brush?

If there is a blockage in the wet module or in the AquaSpin nozzle, it can be removed by moving the cleaning brush up and down in the suction channel.

You can also use the cleaning brush handle to remove the microfiber brushes from the AquaSpin nozzle by turning the brush caps counter-clockwise

You can hang the cleaning brush on the hook of the post-cleaning and storage station.

How to user a cleaning brush schematic one
How to user a cleaning brush schematic two
How to user a cleaning brush schematic three
What is the best order to clean my floors in? Should I vacuum dry first before wet cleaning?

For your hard floors you can vacuum and truly mop simultaneously by using the Vacuum & Mop set-up, as the nozzle vacuums and actively wet-cleans to capture all kinds of dirt, including liquids and stains. No need to vacuum before! If your hard floors don't need mopping, simply use the vacuum only set-up which features LED lights and PowerCyclone 12 technology for precise and powerful dirt pick-up. On carpets and rugs, use the Vacuum only set-up.

How to remove tough stains on hard floors?

To remove tough and sticky stains, use intense wet mode and move the appliance slowly over the stain multiple times.

It is also recommended to move over the stain in different directions. We recommend to use the original Philips floor cleaner XV1792/01 which is a low-foaming liquid that can be diluted in water.

Using Philips Floor Cleaner can guarantee safe and optimal performance.

How to prevent odors and scale deposits?

Use the AUTOCLEAN function after every use to prevent odors and scale deposits. This function helps you to clean your full appliance in just 4 minutes. Remember to empty the dirty water tank without having to touch the mopping water.

To allow the microfiber brushes to dry, place the open ends of the brushes on the designated holders of the After-Clean and Storage station. Drying can take up to 24 hours.

Prevent odors and scale deposit
How to reduce water droplets on the floor?

To minimize droplets after you switch off the appliance. After pressing the ON-OFF button to turn off the appliance, move it forwards and backward a few times to remove the water that is present between the two microfiber brushes. If needed, you can remove the last drops with a cloth.

To prevent water traces on the floor, try to make less strong turns with your device and avoid moving the appliance sideways. If available on your appliance*, you can activate the water absorption mode by pressing the cleaning mode button. All the remaining water on your floor will be absorbed. When you use this mode, no more water comes out of the appliance and the suction power increases for 45 seconds before the appliance switches back to normal wet mode.

When lifting the appliance over a threshold, carpet, or stairs it is recommended first to activate the water absorption mode and then lift the appliance. This will prevent water dripping out of the wet nozzle.

* older models only feature normal wet mode and intense wet mode, but not water absorption mode.

What is the best way to hold the appliance?

It is recommended when using AquaTrio Cordless to stretch your arm to reduce unnecessary tension on the muscles. This is the most ergonomic position, where you have the best control over the appliance and cleaning will be most lighten.

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