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  • Surround sound from all angles, like in the cinema

    5.1 Home theater

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    Over 70% of people who took the sound challenge* prefer Philips 360Sound. 360Sound speakers are designed with sound drivers in the front and on the sides to fill your room evenly with surround sound, just like in the cinema. See all benefits

    Suggested retail price: MYR3,499.00
  • Surround sound from all angles, like in the cinema
  • Surround sound from all angles, like in the cinema
  • Surround sound from all angles, like in the cinema
  • Surround sound from all angles, like in the cinema
  • Surround sound from all angles, like in the cinema


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Surround sound from all angles, like in the cinema

Obsessed with Sound

  • Philips Net TV with Wi-Fi for online services on your TV

    Experience a rich selection of online services with Net TV. Enjoy movies, pictures, infotainment and other online content directly on your TV whenever you like. Simply connect your home theater directly to your home network through the ethernet connection, and navigate and select what you want to watch with the remote control. The Philips menu gives you access to popular Net TV services fitted for your TV screen. Additionally, with the DLNA certified PC network you can watch videos or access pictures stored on your computer using your remote control.

  • 360Sound fills your room with sound from all angles

    Vastly different from a conventional 5.1 home theater, 360Sound is uniquely designed with three drivers in each satellite speaker – a front one, and two side firing ones which are angled to project immersive sound around you. In addition to the principle of dipoles, Philips uses a proprietary algorithm to further enhance the embracing sound effect. Built with premium acoustic components like soft dome tweeters, Neodymium magnets and Class D digital amplifiers, 360Sound delivers exceptional sound from all angles – giving you a true cinema experience in your own home.

  • Full HD 3D Blu-ray for a truly immersive 3D movie experience

    Be enthralled by 3D movies in your own living room on a Full HD 3D TV. Active 3D uses the latest generation of fast switching displays for real life depth and realism in full 1080x1920 HD resolution. By watching these images through special glasses with right and left lenses that are timed to open and close in synchrony with alternating images, the full HD 3D viewing experience is created in your home cinema. Premium 3D movie releases on Blu-ray offer a wide, high quality selection of content. Blu-ray also delivers uncompressed surround sound for an unbelievably real audio experience.

  • Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD for high fidelity surround sound

    Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio Essential deliver the finest sound from your Blu-ray Discs. Audio reproduced is virtually indistinguishable from the studio master, so you hear what the creators intended for you to hear. Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio Essential complete your high definition entertainment experience.

  • DLNA Network Link to enjoy music & videos from your PC

    The DLNA Network link provides easy access to personal photos, music, videos or movies on your PC or Home Network. It uses the Ethernet (LAN) connection with DLNA protocol that assures that DLNA certified products will work together seamlessly. By connecting your TV, home theater or Blu-ray Disc player to your home network, you will be able to access information from all DLNA certified devices. You can access your world of entertainment at a simple push of a button with the intuitive user interface, that is designed for easy browsing.

  • Iconic and compact speakers enhance your home environment

  • Sophisticated design with high-quality aluminum finish

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  • Base on consumer sound tests carried out by Synovate in Nov 2010 in Germany vs. a leading competitor. Data on file.

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