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Cannot connect my Miracast device to my Philips player

  • Make sure the source device is officially Miracast-certified. You may check from the below the link provided by Wi-Fi Alliance. www.wi-fi.org * Make sure Miracast is enabled on the Miracast source device (refer to the user manual of the source device) * Make sure Miracast is enabled on the Blu-ray Player Steps as follows: * Press [Home] > [Network] > [Miracast] > [On] * Make sure the player is in Home menu and is not playing any disc You can either set the Miracast Role to Auto or Group Owner Steps as follows: * [Home] > [ Network] > [Miracast] > [Miracast role] > [Group Owner] or * [Home] > [ Network] > [Miracast] > [Miracast role] > [Auto] [Auto]: The role of Group owner is automatically determined between the source device and this player when connection is established. [Group Owner]: Force this player to be the Group Owner and allow it to select the channel to use for establishing the link with the source device.