Digital wireless headphones

    Digital wireless headphones

    Rich wireless music

    Clear digital transmission, flawless reception and true CD sound quality deliver acoustics that are incredibly rich yet smooth. Its audio performance is matched by premium comfort from a self-adjusting inner headband and soft ear cushions. See all benefits

  • Rich wireless music

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Digital wireless headphones

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Rich wireless music

True to the last details

  • Quick charge feature for speedy recharging

    Quick charge feature for speedy recharging

    The smart and quick charge feature enables the battery to be fully recharged within a very short time span. The remaining power capacity present in the battery is determined by an internal circuit, so that the incoming voltage can be optimized for a quick recharge while at the same time maximizing the battery lifespan.

  • Store your receiver on the convenient docking station

    Store your receiver on the convenient docking station

    The docking station provides convenient, tailor-made storage for your receiver when not in use, and on some models, it even takes care of battery charging.

  • Crystal-clear (2.4 GHz) digital transmission

    The 2.4 GHz digital transmission prevents compression and data loss between the transmitter and the headphones. The digital signals are converted to analog signals at the end of the transmission process. The end-result is superb sound quality, with smooth acoustics and minimal data loss.

  • True CD sound quality lets you enjoy your music fully

    True CD sound quality lets you get the most out of your music enjoyment, thanks to a sophisticated digital transmission process that guarantees no data compression. What you hear is richly detailed and faithful to the original music source.

  • Dual-antenna design ensures 360º reception

    The dual-antenna design ensures that there are no blindspots, regardless of reception angles. The headphones contain two individual antennas, placed in the left and right earshells, for superb wireless music without interruption (no blindspot) and greater freedom of movement.

  • Acoustically tuned speakers for outstanding sound quality

    Acoustically tuned speakers produce pure, balanced sound with superb clarity and precision in both the high tones and deep bass levels.

  • Self adjusting inner headband ensures a comfortable fit

    The inner headband of these Philips headphones makes it easy to obtain a perfect fit for your head. The mechanism adjusts automatically for comfort.

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