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How To Shave Without Shaving Cream or Water


No time for a wet shave? Shaving without cream is always an option. An electric rotary shaver can give you fast, clean and comfortable results without any foam, cream or water.


Here’s some expert guidance on how to shave without shaving cream or water. For the best dry shave, follow these steps:


Step 1: Pre-trim


If you’ve shaved pretty recently (within the last two days, say) then you can skip this step. If your stubble is looking a little long, it’s best to pre-trim using either your vacuum beard trimmer or styler attachment.

Step 2: Dry your skin


If you’re shaving without any cream, it is important to have properly dry skin before you start, because moist skin can hamper the smooth movement of the shaver on the face. So if you have a shower or wash your face, wait at least 5 minutes to dry off completely.


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What you need

Shaver S9000 Prestige

Wet & dry electric shaver, Series 9000


Shaver S9000 Prestige Wet & dry electric shaver, Series 9000


Step 3: Choose a setting


If your shaver has different comfort settings, make sure you choose ‘FAST’ when shaving without cream.

Step 4: Shave with circular motions


Applying only light pressure (pressing too hard will give you more friction, which can then equal more irritation), shave in small, circular movements. Slow down and take your time with sensitive areas.

Step 5: Final pass


Now that you’ve gone over your entire face once, it’s time to go closer. Make your final pass now, using a little more pressure and moving against the grain. As before, you’ll want to treat sensitive areas with a little extra care and caution.


Step 6: Difficult hairs


Shaving without shaving cream means it’s easier to spot those rogue hairs that have escaped your shaver. To tackle them (and any areas that are tough to reach), try gently pulling your skin a little more taut. This will lift the hairs, making things easier for your wet and dry shaver.

Step 7: Sideburns


The length and style of your sideburns is up to you, but now is definitely the time to take care of them with your trimmer or styler attachment.

Step 8: Aftershave


Now for some after-care. Get that fresh-shave feeling by finishing up with aftershave or a shaving balm. That’s it: you’re ready to face the day.


Remember: Shaving three times a week can help keep your skin used to the electric shaver, meaning you get better results.  And don’t forget that all-important post-shave hygiene. Rinse your shaver with plenty of lukewarm water, shake it off, and lay it out open.



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