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How to shave your pubes: A guide on the best way to trim pubic hair for men

  1. Step 1: Preparing to remove your snail trail
  2. Step 2: Removing the snail trail
  3. Step 3: You can enhance your snail trail
  4. Step 4: Enhancing the snail trail 

How to trim your snail trail

The snail trail or treasure trail might be something you love or hate. Maybe you want to remove it entirely, sculpt and shape it, or make it stand out even more. With the right method and the right tools, your snail trail can be just what you want it to be.


First let’s break down what a snail trail is. This trail of hair spans the area from your pubic hair up to your belly button in a thin line. A good pair of high waisted jeans and you can forget the hair is even there. You might want to check out our guide on trimming your pubic hair before tackling your snail trail.


You might consider hair removal methods other than shaving your treasure trail. Some people wax the hair, or have a professional waxer remove the hair. Some people get laser hair removal if they want to remove the hair long-term. For now, though, let’s focus on the most common method for this manscaping hair removal, shaving.

How to trim your snail trail

What you will need

Man with a clean shave snail trail

Step 1: Preparing to remove your snail trail

If you’re the type who wants to remove their snail trail entirely, it’s time to start shaving. Well not immediately, first you might want to do a little prep work. Make sure the hair is clean and untangled, give it a brush down if you need it. The best time to shave your happy trail, snail trail, treasure trail (or whatever else you might call it) is right after the shower.

Step 2: Removing the snail trail

Use a tool like the Philips Series 7000 Bodygroom to shave your lower abdomen. First make sure the skin is taut. Any wrinkles in the skin can mean you might miss hairs or worse, you might hurt yourself on a bump. If you have other body hair near your snail trail, take the time to consider if you want a clean, sharp line at the end of what was your snail trail or if you want a gradation between hair and no hair. To achieve this, use short, light strokes until you achieve your desired look.


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Step 3: You can enhance your snail trail

Unlike those that want to remove their snail trails, you might want to enhance what you may (or may not) have. If you have no snail trail at all, you might be a bit out of luck when it comes to simple manscaping. But if you have a faint snail trail you want to enhance, it’s possible to do that.

Step 4: Enhancing the snail trail

The trick in enhancing your snail trail is to help it stand out. Instead of shaving the snail trail, you’ll want to shave the hair around the trail. Once again, make sure the hair is clean and untangled and then shave the adjacent hair. Use short, light strokes to make sure you don’t make a mistake. (If you’re enhancing the snail trail, the last thing you want to do is accidentally shave it off).

Shaving the snail trail is one of the easiest first steps in your manscaping journey, so if you’re interested in hair removal, give it a go!


As with any time you shave your body hair, it’s important to rinse off after to remove loose hairs and point out any you might have missed. After that, pat the area dry and apply a moisturiser to soothe the skin. Then you can repeat this as often as necessary to maintain the snail trail style you like.

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