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How to shave your chest: a chest shaving guide

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There are a few options when it comes to removing chest hair but undoubtedly shaving is the easiest and least painful. The infamous chest waxing scene from ’40 Year Old Virgin’ ruled out chest waxing as an option for a lot of men. Of course if you want to tough it out by all means go ahead but if you’d like to master the art of shaving your chest, read on.

Whether your goal is a subtly neater look or full on bare-chested glory, shaving your chest hair is simple enough. Here’s a five step process to take you from hirsute to handsome in roughly 30 minutes.

Remember, you can tidy up chest hair without committing to a full shave. Many opt for a light trim. Whatever your preference, use a body groomer with multiple length settings to create a natural fade from the areas you want hair to the areas you don’t, and check in with your mirror every few minutes. Don’t get carried away.

Step 1 - Prep your chest


Before trimming or shaving chest hair, you must prep. That means taking a quick shower, drying off and giving the hair a comb through to loosen knots.

Step 2 - Plan your look


Next, decide how to trim your chest hair. Set boundaries: decide where you want hair, and where you don’t. If you’re not going for some avant-garde chest art, aim for symmetry. Don’t rush over this step. This is the one where you decide what type of chest hair you want and what look you are going for. Of course you can play around and change your look whenever you want but it’s good to have a blueprint of what you’re aiming for before you begin.

All over trim

Step 3 - Trim your chest hair before shaving


Go for an all-over trim for a consistent look. Bring all hair down to a length you’re happy with. Then start closely shaving the out-of-bounds areas, going against the direction of hair growth and working your way in. If you’re keeping some chest hair, make sure you leave a border of mid-length hair between this and the clean-shaven areas for a more gradient, natural look. The settings and attachments on your body groomer tool can help you perfect this.

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What you need

Bodygroom series 3000 Showerproof groin and body trimmer


Smooth body grooming, safe even below the belt

The Series 3000 is designed to power through hair, without compromise on skin comfort. Use the skin friendly shaver with countour following 2D technology or trim by clicking on the 3mm length comb.

See all benefits

Step 4 - Cool down and rinse off


Cool down. Once you’re finished, rinse your chest with cool water, dry off and apply a lotion that’s designed to soothe skin post-shave. Be kinder to your skin and wear loose fitting clothing made from natural fibres where possible for skin breathability. Even better if you can find reasons to go bare chested – good for your skin and can show off your new look.

Step 5 - Chest Maintenance

Adapt your shower routine. This is for general upkeep. Now that you know how to shave your chest, remember to exfoliate regularly to prevent ingrown hairs and razor burn. There are no rules when it comes to chest hair. Express yourself with a fur bib that suits your hairstyle. Go full bear to show you’re a man who can’t be tamed. Or choose a neat trim to make muscles stand out. If you’re confident in your chest shaving skills, anything is possible.

FAQs on shaving chest hair

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