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Handheld steamers: A must-have when packing for a suitcase and traveling

One of the best ways to keep your clothes clean, fresh, and looking good while traveling is using a handheld clothes steamer. These compact, travel-friendly steamers save you time because you can easily refresh your clothes in minutes. 
Thanks to handheld garment steamers you can pack less and travel light.


So, whether you’re packing for a holiday in the sun, business trip, or an excursion with the kids to see the grandparents, you can throw one of our travel friendly handheld steamers in your suitcase and keep you and your family’s clothes fresh without washing or dry clean.

Remove odor from your clothes: Less washing & dry cleaning  


Traveling leaves us in a constant state of motion. When we want to clean our clothes, leaving them smelling good and feeling fresh and looking chic while on a trip, we usually go for one a few options. If we’ve thought about it beforehand, we’ll have packed more clothes to avoid washing. If we’re in a place where washing facilities are available, we may wash our clothes or have them washed or dry cleaned for us.


All of these options, though, take time and can cost us money if we have them taken care of at our hotel. Philips’ travel friendly garment steamers give you your time back by allowing you to refresh your clothes in minutes. They remove up to 99.9% of bacteria* with a powerful steam that will leave your clothes looking sharp and feeling fresh.


*  Tested by external body for bacteria types Escherichia coli 8099, Staphylicoccus aureus ATCC 6538, Canidia albicans ATCC 10231with 8 minutes steaming time.

Remove odor from your clothes

Maximizing your holiday look: Packing light is the key to look your best on your holiday 


Packing a suitcase for a holiday that necessitates both formal and casual clothing can be difficult, meaning we usually have to take more clothes than we bargained for with us on our trip. An easy way to pack less is packing one of Philips’ portable and travel friendly clothes steamers which won't take up much space in your suitcase.


Using a compact clothes steamer for travel, you can easily mix and match your clothing, giving you many ways to look your best on your holiday by making efficient use of your wardrobe. For example, you can  turn that casual summer holiday dress into a more formal piece by quickly steaming it after use during the day and accessorising to give it the desired formal look as you head into the evening.


If you’re in need of a business causal look and don’t want to carry a suit, you can take that linen shirt you were wearing out in the sun, quickly steam it, and then throw a jacket over it and hit the nightlife. Hence, whether your holiday wear includes suits or dresses, a compact, travel-friendly steamer has a place in your suitcase. And you can look at your best during your holiday too!

Compact & travel-friendly steamers: Saving business travelers’ time 


Traveling for business is a unique experience. You spend a lot of time in meetings, airports, and in cars. Your hotel room becomes your temporary home and in the brief time you spend in it you have to prepare yourself for the next day, including your clothes.


Instead of sending your clothes out to be serviced, you can refresh them minutes with a compact, travel-friendly steamer. Just hang them up or spread them out on a flat surface, wait for our travel friendly handheld steamer to warm up, and then steam away!


Philips’ handheld clothes steamers are safe on a range of fabrics and warm up in less than a minute, so packing one along with your best business suits and dresses will get them ready in a flash, keep your clothes fresh for longer, delay washing or trips to the dry cleaner.

Compact & travel friendly steamers

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