Wherever you go 
stay fresh this summer

If having fresh clothing keeps you awake the night before your holiday, or you’re anxious about your smelly washer at home, even the most fashion conscious of us can stay one step ahead during the long summer months.

A garment steamer that extends your wardrobe


Maybe you’re getting ready for that late-night beach party. Or you want to extend your existing wardrobe collection by wearing the same piece again. Perhaps that hotel you’ve arrived at doesn’t have enough irons to go around or you need to refresh your clothes quickly. And with no time left to put our fabrics in the wash, you need a better solution.

No more fashion victims


Avoid getting caught short. The ‘must-have’ this August is the Steam & Go Plus from Philips. Ideal for last-minute touch-ups, while able to remove odor* from clothes. From silk to satin, and beach wraps to blouses, it’s ready to use in 45 seconds. Now you can safely steam all your fabrics with one automatic continuous steam.

Refresh clothes without washing

Say goodbye to the ironing boards


And while it heats up so quickly to steam your clothes, its SmartFlow heated plate means the steam will gently penetrate even the most delicate of materials without the scorch or burn. You’re safe to steam and smooth out your garments safe in the knowledge this is how to get the smell out of clothes. And wherever you use it, you won’t have the hassle of needing an ironing board. It’s easy to use and quick, allowing excellent results by steaming vertically without an ironing board (can you add this below)- or for that crisp end-result, you can use it horizontally on a flat surface.

Compact design for travel and storage


For those of you on the move, you’ll notice the compact design of the Steam&Go Plus. Whether you store it in your bathroom or your travel bag, its sleek hand-held styling and elegant colors mean it blends in beautifully wherever you place it. With its detachable water-container, you can quickly refill and empty as you go.

clothes freshener

Steam. It kills 99.9% of bacteria* without harming your clothes


Most of all, the steam will kill the bacteria, so your trendy togs will be ready to wear all over again. So while you remove that sweat smell from clothes, you’ll be able to mix and match them for more great looks; ensuring that if you love that particular piece, it's always available, whatever the occasion.

smelly washer

Get sassy about summer


Whatever your fashion-fresh technique this Summer, if you follow our August top-tips with how to get the smell out of clothes you can rest assured that sassy look and odorless exposure won’t let you down. Extend your apparel when you’re away with the Philips Steam&Go Plus.

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* Tested by external body for bacteria types Escherichia coli 8099, Staphylicoccus aureus ATCC 6538, Canidia albicans ATCC 10231with 8 minutes steaming time.