How to dress to impress. What your clothes say about you

What do the colors you wear say about you? It’s said you never get a second chance to make a first impression. That’s why we spend so much time choosing the clothes we wear.
But what do the colors we wear say about the person inside?


Fit, texture, styling, care… It all influences how we’re perceived by others. But on a subconscious level, do you know what the colors of your clothes might be saying about you to the people you encounter throughout the day? What if you haven’t met those people before? What do you wear on, say, a job interview or a blind date?


Colors can have strong emotional connections that we may not even recognize. Sure, everyone’s unique and forms their own perceptions. But common cultural understandings do exist about different colors. Here’s what the colors you put on your body may be saying about you — without even knowing it!

Dress to impress



“I’m passionate and enthusiastic. Watch out.” 


The color of desire and drama. It’s stimulating and exciting. Red inspires, but can be seen as aggressive and on the dangerous side.

(And, in Chinese culture, it’s a symbol of luck and wealth.)

Woman in red clothes



“It’s not all about me.”


Feminine and soothing, pink combines red’s passion with white’s purity to become a universal symbol of love and nurturing. Pink says you’re safe, calm and soothing — maybe even vulnerable.

Woman in pink clothes



“Anything’s possible — and I’m ready for it.”


The color of the sun illuminates and uplifts. Because the eye perceives yellow first, it is fresh, young and attention grabbing. It also stimulates the left brain for clarity and decision making.

(But, be careful. It’s also culturally associated with cowardice.)

Women in yellow clothes

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“I’m comfortable with me.”


Purple is the color of spirituality, but has also been associated with luxury.

Blue’s calm and red’s energy produce a yin-yang type of internalized sensitivity and awareness.

Woman in purple clothes



“Everything’s all right, naturally.”


The color of nature expresses rejuvenation and healthy growth. Refreshing and abundant, it offers safety and reassurance.

(But, watch out, it has cultural connotations of greed and selfishness.)

Man in green clothes



“Look at me. Let’s do this!”


Orange doesn’t say anything about you. It shouts it! A color of uninhibited enthusiasm, orange stimulates and motivates, but risks being seen as decadent or insincere.

Woman in orange clothes



“Relax, you’re in good hands.”


Blue inspires confidence and trust.

It’s calm, cool and responsible.

In the extreme, that may be perceived as conservative or detached from others.

Man in blue clothes

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