Kids. School. Ironing. Speed up the ironing with these tips

It’s the end of a long summer holiday, and time to get your kid's clothes prepared for school. With precious little time before the start of term, it’s great to know there are short-cuts in getting them ready for the big send off. Here's our collection of helpful tips. 

#1- Damp clothes make easier ironing


Clothes with some moisture content are easier to work with. You can take garments straight from the washing machine and iron them, spritz them with a water spray, or use the steam function on your iron. You’ll be wrinkle-free in moments, just by following this handy tip. 

#2- Cheating’s okay (outside of school hours)


All kid’s clothes will have areas that nobody sees, so it makes sense to only iron the bits that are visible (and leave the hidden bits, hidden). This clever little trick will cut minutes off your ironing time, and nobody will ever know. 

#3- Steam ahead


Here’s a really helpful tip. Use a steam-generating iron like the Philips PerfectCare Expert Plus. Ultra-light and easy to handle, it’s designed for your comfort and convenience. With OptimalTEMP technology, it guarantees avoiding burns on school clothes. From skirts to shorts and blouses to blazers, its powerful steam effect will achieve better results faster than ever.

Steam ahead

#4- Put those creases behind you


With its strong continuous steam, the PerfectCare Expert Plus will tackle even the thickest of fabrics with ease. Stubborn wrinkles will disappear with that extra steam boost just where you need it. Perfect for time-squeezed parents!

Remove wrinkles

#5- Lighten up


The PerfectCare Expert Plus is amazingly light and comfortable to handle. It glides across garments effortlessly, while reducing any wrist strain you may have previously experienced. Its silencing filters will minimize noise, so its powerful steam won't disturb you while you’re getting them ready.

Powerful steamer

#6- Keep on ironing uninterrupted with large detachable water tank


To make things even easier, PerfectCare Expert Plus has a 1.8-liter detachable tank that gives you up to 2 hours of continuous use. When it’s empty, the indicator light will remind you to refill it. Simply detach it and fill with ease under the tap through its large filling door.

iron with large water tank

#7- Descaling matters


You’d be amazed how a dirty iron can slow you down and leave marks on your clothes. Regular descaling of limescale buildup will protect your iron, extend its longevity and ensure the best steam performance. With its Easy De-Calc system, PerfectCare Expert Plus collects the limescale continuously and has an indicator light that tells you when it needs to be emptied. Then you'll remove the plug, let the water and scale particles flow out, and return to preparing your kids clothes with ease.

#8- It’s ironing, but it’s fun.


This final trick will keep you motivated, and help make the challenge of working your way through their clothes more fun. Just set a time limit to how quickly you think you can work your way through the laundry - and then try to beat the clock. Each time you take on their weekly wash, aim to improve your times and therefore trick yourself into enjoying the task at hand. Just by following these tips and tricks, your back to school chores will be over in no time.