Philips 4300 Series LatteGo

Fully Automatic Espresso Machines

Providing you coffee made from fresh beans

Philips 4300 LatteGo, more coffee moments to savour


Full Automatic Espresso Machines, LatteGo 4300

8 delicious fresh bean coffees, easier than ever

Silky smooth milk froth thanks to the high speed LatteGo system

Coffee customiser to personalise and save your favorite coffee

100% pure ceramic grinders to enjoy fresh aromatic coffee, for at least 20,000 cups

Easy to use and easier to clean

Easily make aromatic coffee varieties like Cappuccino, Café Latte, Espresso, and Latte Macchiato at the touch of a button.


Thanks to AquaClean filter, you can enjoy clear and purified water for up to 5000 cups*, without descaling.


* Based on 8 filter replacements as indicated by the machine. Actual number of cups depends on selected coffee varieties, rinsing and cleaning patterns.

Suggested retail price: MYR4,099.00

Philips 4300 LatteGo

Technologies  | LatteGo milk system

LatteGo milk system



Steam flows into the LatteGo



Air, steam, and milk are mixed at high speed resulting in a dense silky smooth milk foam



The two LatteGo parts click together to create a channel in which steam pressure sucks up milk through the hole at the bottom of the container

8 delicious fresh bean coffees, easier than ever

Choose from 8 delicious fresh bean coffee varieties, from a smooth espresso to a frothy cappuccino. Our fully automatic espresso machine delivers a perfect in-cup result in no time, without any fuss.

Silky smooth milk froth thanks to high speed LatteGo system


Top off your coffee with a silky-smooth layer of milk froth. Philips LatteGo mixes milk and air at high speed for creamy milk at just the right temperature. It is completely hassle-free and our fastest to clean milk system ever*.

 * Based on consumer testing in Germany for Full Automatic Espresso Machines (2018)

Coffee customiser to personalise and save your favorite coffee


Café latte, cappuccino, you name it, you can make it yours. Our coffee customiser is easily adjustable, intuitive settings store your preferred coffee intensities and lengths for the perfect serve, every time. 

100% pure ceramic grinders to enjoy fresh aromatic coffee, for at least 20,000 cups


Our grinders are 100% pure ceramic: extremely hard and precise, so you can enjoy fresh aromatic coffee, for at least 20,000 cups

Easy to use and easier to clean


With the fully removable brew group and dishwasher safe parts, Philips LatteGo 4300 is exceptionally simple to clean. It allows you to clean it thoroughly just by rinsing it under the tap.

Watch Philips 4300 LatteGo in action

Friends sitting around the table, drinking coffee

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Ready to buy Philips 4300 LatteGo?

Full Automatic Espresso Machines, LatteGo 4300

There's little standing between you and your next delicious cup of coffee with our easy to use display. With Philips 4300 LatteGo, you can customise your fresh-bean flavour and flow smoothly from craving to cup, in a few steps.

Suggested retail price: MYR4,099.00

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 8 coffee varieties?

Delicious coffee varieties to suit individual tastes and moods: 


  • Espresso
  • Cappuccino
  • Coffee
  • Ristretto
  • Latte Macchiato
  • Café au Lait
  • Americano
  • Caffé crema




  • Milk froth
  • Hot water

Is LatteGo dishwasher-safe?

For your convenience, you can put the LatteGo milk system, drip tray and the coffee ground container in the dishwasher. 

What is the Aroma Extract system?

The Aroma Extract system intelligently strikes the optimum balance between brewing temperature and aroma extraction by keeping the water temperature between 90 and 98°C, while regulating the water flow rate, so you can enjoy delicious coffees.

What is the AquaClean?

AquaClean is our patented water filter, designed to improve the quality of your coffee with purified water and prevent scale build-up within the machine. Make up to 5000* cups without descaling by replacing the filter regularly.


* With 8 filter changes. Change interval depends on beverage selection and number of rinsing and cleaning processes.

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