How to create the soul patch

Get your own Soul Patch in 5 steps!

1. Give yourself a nice even trim all over, with a full-size trimmer–to around 3-5mm, leaving the hair on your soul patch longer.

2. Now use your precision trimmer to trim the hairs on your chin until you are left with a tuft of hair just under your bottom lip.

3. Use your mini foil shaver to make sure the edges are neat and tidy.

4. Use your beard or stubble trimmer to maintain your preferred length. There are no rules – go crazy, this is your time to express yourself. You can shape your soul patch any way you like.

5. With a rotary shaver, shave your cheeks and neck clean, moving in a gentle, circular motion. A mini foil shaver is ideal for shaving the tighter areas around your soul patch.
Styling/maintenance your Soul Patch
The Soul Patch is easy to maintain: simply continue shaving the rest of your face clean and use your stubble trimmer, or precision trimmer, to reshape your patch at will.
Sing it with soul
This relatively low-maintenance mini beard first gained popularity with beatniks and artists in the 1950’s. It’s said that jazz trumpeters started the trend as they enjoyed the cushioning this beard offered during mammoth jam sessions.
Today, the soul patch serves no real purpose. Anyone can grow one and they suit all face types. At some point in your life a soul patch will just feel right…and then it won’t. Think of a Soul Patch as training wheels for a real beard, a necessary step (or stumble?) on the road to manhood.