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Across the globe, cardiology departments face the challenge of delivering high-quality care with less time, fewer resources and higher patient volumes. The Philips Affiniti CVx ultrasound system  is specifically designed to meet the everyday demands of cardiology – helping you deliver better care to more patients.

Advanced automation for efficiency and informed decision-making

Please contact your local Philips sales representative to learn more and arrange a product demonstration.

How Affiniti CVx supports you in your work

Committed to supporting clinicians

Committed to supporting clinicians in the fight against COVID-19

Philips Ultrasound is now FDA cleared for management of COVID-19 lung and cardiac complications. We’re dedicated to providing education, resources and technology needed to battle this virus.
Philips and TomTec

Philips and TOMTEC –

a shared vision and a complementary portfolio

The Philips Affiniti CVx cardiovascular ultrasound system combines the unique strengths of Philips and TOMTEC to create a fully integrated experience from image acquisition to advanced quantification for every echo exam.


Philips’ extensive expertise in image recognition and segmentation is complemented by the proven, robust quantification capabilities of TOMTEC. The result is a solution that is even greater than the sum of its parts–strengthening your diagnostic confidence and treatment planning, helping you optimize your workflows and elevating your cardiology performance to the next level.


The latest release of Affiniti CVx integrates numerous significant automated quantification features including 3D Auto MV, 3D Auto LAA and AutoStrain LV for robust and reproducible measurements, that can be confidently used while treating a patient before, during and following any treatment plan.

Cardiovascular customer experiences

Exceptional image quality and simplified workflow
Dr Astrid Apor
Dr Astrid Apor from Semmelweis University of Budapest in Hungary and Professor Ovidiu Chionel from the Prof CC Illiescu Hospital in Bucharest, Romania, use iRotate and Live xPlane to make their routine echo exams fast, easy and accurate. Watch the video to learn more.
Dr Annemien van den Bosch
Dr Annemien van den Bosch from the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands recommends to use iRotate and Live xPlane for RV imaging. Find out why by watching the video.
Dr Covadonga Fernandez Golfin
Dr Covadonga Fernández-Golfin from Ramon y Cajal University Hospital in Madrid, Spain, finds iRotate and Live xPlane particularly useful for exams of patients with endocarditis and congenital heart disease. Find out how the tools support her clinical routine in this video.
Meeting the challenges of modern echo

Meeting the challenges of modern echo

Now is the time to upgrade your echo performance. Philips CVx ultrasound systems for echo feature our most advanced solutions to provide you with efficiencies and quality that are more essential than ever.

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EPIQ CVx/CVxi and Affiniti CVx are available in selected countries. Please consult your Philips representative for further details.

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