How to get a perfect clean shave

How to get a perfect clean shave in five simple steps.

Life has rules. Don’t step on the cracks in the pavement. Never disturb a wasps’ nest. Avoid eating anything in the fridge that’s crawling out on its own. These rules are there for your own protection. So here are 5 more male grooming rules.. Follow them if you don’t want to be the guy who turns up for work with bits of toilet paper stuck to his face.

1. Be prepared
Finding out that your shaver isn’t charged when you’ve only got 3 seconds before you need to leave the house isn’t a great start to the day.  Plug the shaver in the night before. Forgot? You could be in luck: some shavers only need a quick charge for a quick shave. If you’re going for a wet shave, buy some shaving foam. It doesn’t grow in the bathroom.

2. Be decisive
Do you want a wet or a dry shave? Dry shaving is quickest. Wet shaving is refreshing and smooth (as long as you didn’t forget the shaving foam). Make your mind up. Don’t hang around in the bathroom for ages, staring at your own reflection. That’s for girls. Not for men that shave.

3. Be cool
Wash and rinse your face so it’s really clean before you reach for your shaver. You don’t want a layer of dirt and sweat lubricating your skin pores. But don’t have a long, hot shower first either, otherwise your skin will be hot, puffy, sweating and impossible to shave.

4. Be firm but fair
First, trim any long facial hairs with a trimmer. For wet shaving (including in the shower), smooth on some shaving foam or gel. Now you’re ready for action. Using circular movements, start shaving. Go against the direction the facial hairs are growing, or shave in the same direction if your skin’s sensitive. Stretch your skin slightly with your free hand to make the shaving easier for the shaver blades, but don’t overstretch and DO NOT press the shaver too hard against your skin. The aim is to shave your hairs, not the top layer of your skin.

5. Be good
Finished shaving? No you haven't. You still need to rinse off the wet shaver head, put on the shaver cap and maybe slap om some aftershave or moisturizer. Now you have the perfect shave and you're ready to go.