1. The Lumify registration process failed, what should I do?


First, make sure that your device is on the compatible devices list: www.philips.com/Lumify-Compatible-Devices


Next, make sure that the transducer is securely connected to your device and that your device is connected to a wireless or cellular network throughout the registration process. Registration can fail if your device loses connectivity. If this occurs, disconnect the transducer, re-establish connectivity, and then connect the transducer.


2. Do I need to be connected to a wireless network to scan with Lumify?


No. Once you have registered Lumify, it does not require wireless or cellular network connectivity to operate. Philips recommends that you have connectivity to a wireless or ceullar network on a regular basis to maximize the benefits the Lumify service offers.


3. Why is there no information in the DICOM logs?


You must enable DICOM logging before Lumify will collect data. For more information, see your Lumify User Manual.


4. Where can I find the Lumify DICOM conformance statement?


Visit https://www.usa.philips.com/healthcare/resources/support-documentation/dicom-ultrasound and click Lumify.


5. How do I find my transducer's serial ID?


You can find the six-digit alphanumeric serial ID on the side of your transducer. Alternatively, connect the transducer to your device and start Lumify. Touch About from the side menu, and view the six-digit alphanumeric serial ID.


6. Can I delete a Modality Worklist server from Lumify?


Yes. For more information, see your Lumify User Manual.


7. What does a red X or green check mark by my export destination indicate?


A red X indicates that Lumify is unable to connect to the export destination. A green check mark indicates a successful connection to the export destination.


8. How do I get technical support?


Please see the Lumify user documentation or search these FAQs to see if your question is addressed.

If you need further technical assistance, please call +1 (800) 886-188


9. What can I do if my device no longer recognizes the Lumify transducers?


Try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Make sure that the transducer’s USB connector is properly connected to your device.
  • Restart your device and follow the troubleshooting tips in the System Maintenance chapter of the Lumify User Manual.
  • If you need further technical assistance, please call +1 (800) 886-188


10. Why do I see a message "Unsupported transducer" when I plug in my S4-1 transducer?


S4-1 requires Lumify app version 1.7. To check your app version,
go to Lumify - Settings -> About menu.

If you have app version 1.2 or earlier, go to the Google Playstore to get the latest version.

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