Q-CPR™ CPR meter

Q-CPR™ measurement and feedback tool

CPR meter

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A CPR tool that has been designed to improve CPR delivery. Available as a fully integrated option with the HeartStart MRx and HeartStart FR3, it offers several vital advances, based on AHA Guidelines for CPR, and input from Q-CPR users.


  • Depth, rate, release (complete or incomplete) and duty cycle
Compression Depth Target
  • -1.50 to -2.00 " (-38 to -51 mm)
Compression Rate Target
  • 90 to 120 cpm
  • Volume/rate/inflation time
Graphic Indicator Ventilation Rate
  • 4-16 ventilations per minute or 9-16 vpm after performing rescue breathing following 60 seconds without compressions
Feedback Type
Feedback Type
  • Prioritized corrective verbal feedback for all measurements
  • Measurement values for compression rate/ventilation rate and no flow time (Code view only)
  • Compression wave from with correct depth target zone. Lung icon for ventilation volume (Code view only)
User Interface
User Interface
Compression sensor weight
  • 8 oz
  • 1 Ko PC, Chen WJ, Lin CH, et al. Evaluating the quality of pre-hospital cardiopulmonary resuscitation by reviewing automated external defibrillator records and survival for out-of-hospital witnessed arrests. Resuscitation. 2005;64:163-169.