Respironics V680

Critical Care Ventilator

Discover Philips Respironics V680: the simple, clinically advanced way to provide your patients with reliable, high-performance ventilation across the continuum of care - without compromise.

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Patient Types
Adult :
>20 kg
Pediatric :
5 to 20 kg
Modes: Single-limb Circuit
(continuous positive airway pressure)
(spontaneous with timed backup)
(pressure control ventilation)
Apnea mode
(available in CPAP)
(average volume assured pressure support)
(proportional pressure ventilation)
Modes: Dual-limb Circuit
(assist/control-volume control ventilation)
(assist/control-pressure control ventilation)
(synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation volume control ventilation)
(synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation pressure control ventilation)
(pressure support ventilation)
(pressure regulated volume control)
Apnea mode
(available in SIMV and PSV)
Other Features
0 to 99 %
Dyn Pplat (dynamic plateau pressure)
0 to 70 cm H₂O
F/VT (rapid shallow breathing index)
0 to 999
Pt. Leak (“unintentional” leak)
0 to 200L/min BTPS
Tot. Leak (total leak)
0 to 200L/min BTPS
Lung Mechanics Maneuvers
Static C&R:
1 to 200 mL/cmH2O
Static C:
5 to 1,000 cmH2O/L
Static E:
1 to 200 cmH2O/L/s
Static R:
0 to 70 cm H₂O
Static Pplat: P0.1 (P100)
0 to -50 cmH2O
MIP (Maximal Inspiratory Pressure)
0 to -50 cmH2O