This Hari Raya,

cook your favourite traditional dishes up to 6 times faster with Philips All-In-One Multicooker.

    All-In-One Multicooker Range

    Airfryer XXL

    Removes fat. Retains taste.

    Airfryer Range

    Do you know you can cook this Raya dishes 
    using Airfryer XXL?

    Pandan Chicken

    Pandan Chicken


    Fish and Vegetable

    Sweet Potato Doughnut

    Sweet Potato Doughnut

    SpeedPro Max

    The fastest cordless cleaning experience 
    with 360° suction nozzle*.

    *Tested against top 10 selling cordless stick vacuums >300€ in Germany 2017, using Philips developed coarse dirt hard floor cleaning test based on international standard IEC60312-1. Jan 2018.

    SpeedPro Max Range

    Pick up more dirt with every stroke, forward and back - even along walls and furniture.

    SpeedProMax on sofa
    SpeedProMax under sofa
    SpeedProMax at ceiling

    Celebrate Raya in style