How to create the stiletto beard

Store your razor because you have to grow your beard for two months to create a Stiletto beard

The Stilletto Beard is a truly distinctive style - if you can pull it off. It involves more than just narrowing your chin hair down into a point in the middle. The trick is to ensure that everything you do accentuates that point. So you need to trim your beard shorter on the sides lower the beard line on your cheeks, and trim two deep 'U' shapes under your mouth to draw that eye downwards. It is not a style you 'll see every day, but that's the whole point. Here are the steps to create this style:

 1. Grow your beard for three months. Comb your beard and mustache neatly downwards.

2. Use your trimmer´s precision attachment to trim a low cheekline. Trim a neat lip line and two low ´U´ shapes under your mouth.

3. Using the main trimmer, shape your beard so that the longest point is at the center, then trim away straggly hairs and define the shape.

4. Shave your neck and cheek area to keep yourself looking sharp.

5. Comb your beard towards the point, and apply pomade to accentuate it.

Take care
To soften your hear use oil. For the perfect look regularly trim your beard to retain the shape. Enough of this style? Try something new like a full beard or a natural mustache.