How to groom back & shoulders

Trim Back and Shoulders in 5 steps!

1. To trim your back and shoulders first comb through longer hair to remove knots.


2. Trim larger areas using the length adjustable comb , then move on to any sensitive parts such as moles or scars.


3. Shave against the growth of your hair and try different directions to get a really close shave. Start by shaving larger areas. Then move on to sensitive areas or parts that require more precision. To avoid shaving patches, the extra long handle on the Philips Bodygroom PLUS makes it easier to shave you back.


4. Rinse with cool water, pat dry and apply skin-soothing lotion.


5. Purchase a shower gel with exfoliating agents to prevent ingrown hairs and razor burn.


It’s behind you
The hairy back is an underrated look. Don’t be afraid to wear yours with pride. But if you do decide to cut it back, try trimming for a neat look that makes muscles appear more defined. Or choose a really close, wet shave with the Bodygroom for a smooth and hair-free look.