USB 2.0 cable

    USB 2.0 cable

    Extend your reach

    Ideal for the mobile user, this lighted retractable cable extends the reach of your existing cable by 2.6 ft. See all benefits


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USB 2.0 cable

A/A connectors, 1m / 3.2ft, Retractable SWR1211/97 Find similar products

Extend your reach

on the go

  • Lighted ends

    Illuminated cable ends ensure that connectivity is established.

  • A Male/A Female Connectors

    Meet your specific connection requirements with A Male/A Female Connectors.

  • Molded ends for extended durability

    Molded ends prevent fraying and extend the life of your cable.

  • Retractable cable for easy storage

    Retractable cable minimizes cable tangling and is ideal for cable management. It also allows easy storage of the headphones when not in use.

  • Eliminates tangles for easy cable management

    The spring-loaded retractable device facilitates easy mobility when traveling by allowing you to select exactly the length of cable you need and storing the rest on an internal reel.

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