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Cleaning kit

    Cleaning kit

    Safely cleans computer & small device screens

    Everything you need to clean your computer or small LCD screens. Special cleaning fluid safely removes dust, dirt and debris without residue while respecting the environment. Ergonomic cleaning pad handle makes maintenance quick and easy. See all benefits


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Cleaning kit

Computer/Notebook, screen SVC3225G/27 Find similar products

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Safely cleans computer & small device screens

  • Streak-free cleaning fluid

    Enjoy a spotless screen with this streak-free cleaning fluid, specially formulated not to leave any kind of residue on your screen.

  • Antistatic formula to repel dust

    The antistatic formula of this cleaning fluid helps to repel dust and dirt from your screen.

  • Safe and effective eco-friendly formula

    The eco-friendly formula of this cleaning fluid allows you to safely and efficiently clean your screen while protecting the environment.

  • Safe, drip-free formula

    This drip-free formula is easily sprayed on the screen, then wiped off. It is completely drip-free to keep your equipment safe and dry.

  • Unique pad cleaner with ventilated base

    This patented design pad cleaner is made of sponge and foam with a ventilated base. It gently cleans without leaving marks or scratches, absorbs excess cleaning fluid and dries to a clear screen.

  • Ergonomic pad handle

    Provides a comfortable, firm and safe grip during cleaning.

  • Retractable antistatic brush removes dust

    Use to quickly and safely remove dust from screen and keyboard.

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