Electret Microphone

    Electret Microphone

    Studio quality

    Liven up the occasion with an electret microphone for studio-quality recordings.

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Studio quality

  • Electret condenser ensures studio quality sound and clarity

    The sensitive electret condenser picks up every acoustic details for perfect sound reproduction and studio quality.

  • Minimized noise when switching between on and off

    You'll not hear any annoying 'clicks' when switching this microphone on and off.

  • Omni-directional design picks up sound from all directions

    This microphone's sensor is equally sensitive to sound from all directions.

  • The 3m-long cable is ideal for use with microphones

    Give yourself extra freedom of movement with little risk of tripping or tangling.

  • Windshield improves sound quality by preventing noise

    The integrated windshield prevents disturbing noises from wind gusts or breathing too close to the microphone.

  • Die-cast housing reduces resonance and extends product life

    The tough metal body not only withstands rough handling, but also reduces resonance. The benefit is a longer operational life and a better reproduction.

  • Convenient box for microphone and cable storage

    The safe and convenient way to store your microphone and cable after use.

  • Table stand allows hands-free use on a flat surface

    This sturdy stand securely holds the microphone in place on any flat surface.

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