VisaPure Essential Facial Cleansing Device

DualMotion Technology, Cleansing, 2 Anti Blemish brush heads, 2 intensity settings SC5278/13

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the VisaPure brush heads compatible with the old VisaPure (HP5250, HP5252, HP5257, HP5258)?

No, the current VisaPure brush heads (SC5990 - SC5994, SC5996, SC6010 - SC6013, SC6016, SC6017, MS590 - MS593, MS596) are not compatible with the old VisaPure devices (HP5250, HP5252, HP5257, HP5258).

The information on this page applies to the following models: SC5278/13 , SC5994/00 , SC5370/10 , SC5275/34 , SC5996/00 , SC5996/10 , SC5265/12 , SC5990/00 , SC5992/00 , SC5991/00 , SC5275/10 . more less

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