Philips’ inspires young minds, parents, and educators on health and well-being

November 21, 2012

Advocating that “healthy living leads to the foundation of lifelong health”, Philips Malaysia launched blog to students and teachers at Sekolah Brickfields 2 in Kuala Lumpur to drive behavioural change towards good health and well-being practices.


Present during the unveiling was Naeem Shabah Khan, Managing Director of Philips Group of Companies Malaysia. Joining him were Philips employee volunteers and 120 teachers and students from Sekolah Brickfields 2.


The blog, as part of Philips’ simplyhealthy@schools campaign, is a digital initiative in Malaysia to help children understand that simple steps to improve health and wellbeing and the environment can make a very big difference.



“We want children to be empowered in taking their health and wellbeing into their own hands, and are educated to do so, and, in turn, inspire other children to do so. I believe that technology will reach out faster to a new generation of children who are used to computers and digital gadgets – and interest them in be participative in the blog,” explained Naeem.


In Malaysia, the local team ran the program in 10 schools and the company plans to organize more schools moving forward in 2013.


Philips volunteers demonstrated the user-friendliness and easy navigation of the blog and showed them how to access a specially developed SimplyHealthy@Schools Healthy Heroes toolkit online.







The students are not the only ones to gain something valuable out of the blog. Teachers during the launch also expressed their interest towards healthy living and sustainable environments through the valuable information available online.


Noor Syazuan bin Zulkiflic, teacher of Sekolah Brickfields 2 said that “the blog has truly made an impact on our students today”. He continues, “They learn about the healthy eating and the environment all the time in their classrooms, but this time, they get a digital experience on how they can make a difference through simple-to-understand articles, visuals, and games! This will be a good use of their time during the school holidays. It has also been a personal learning experience for me. I can now download useful teaching materials from the blog to share with the students during class,” he said.




Philips is calling for all Malaysians and schools to visit the blog frequently during the long school holidays as the company has lined up a series of interactive engagements that are available to further inform, educate on the facts and tips of health and well-being.


“Children have a strong ability to absorb information through the Internet, apply it in their daily lives, and also go home and tell their immediate family and friends about it. We are counting on children to become the educators in healthy living and sustainability, in turn inspiring us adults to also put our best foot forward, Naeem said. “School educators who are keen to use the digital platform within their schools are welcomed to get in touch with us to find out more.”


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