Sound and vision
TV accessories
for Easy 3D TVs Passive 3D glasses

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions

    Product weight
    0.079  kg
    Box depth
    180  mm
    Box height
    56  mm
    Box width
    64  mm
  • Accessories

    Included accessories
    • 1x cleaning cloth bag
    • 3D Health Guide
  • Related Products

    Compatible with
    • _PDL7906
    • _PFL76X6
    • _PFL79X6
    • _PFL8606D
    • _PFL8956D
    • _PFL4307
    • _PFL6xx7 (Eu)
    • _PDL6907
    • _PFL5007 (Lat Am)
    • _PFL6007 (Lat Am)
    • _PFL7007 (Lat Am)

What's in the box?

All items in the box

Other items in the box

  • 1x cleaning cloth bag,
  • 3D Health Guide.

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