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Philips compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL) offer comfortable, soft light for an inviting atmosphere. CFL bulbs provide high- performance, energy saving and long-lasting light. These bulbs are the most sold energy saving lamps. CFLs combine the energy of fluorescent lighting with the convenience and popularity of incandescent fixtures.


Philips compact fluorescent light bulbs fit in most fixtures designed for incandescent bulbs and use about 75% less energy. CFLs last 6 to 15 times as long (6.000 – 15.000 hours).CFLs are most cost-effective and efficient in areas where lights are on for long periods.


From table lamps and recessed lighting to decorative fixtures, compact fluorescents are available in the shapes and sizes you are accustomed to in soft white, natural or daylight.



CFLs were introduced in the mid-1980s.The performance, efficiency (about 75% less energy than incandescent), price and lifetime (last 10 times longer) are improved since 1990. The Philips CFL bulb is a good choice to use at home. CFL even get a energy star label.



How our CFL bulbs work


Light from a fluorescent bulb is first created by an electric current conducted through an inert gas producing ultraviolet light that is invisible to the human eye. The ultraviolet light in turn interacts with special blends of phosphors coating the interior surface of the fluorescent lamp tube that efficiently converts the invisible light into useful white light. Fluorescent bulbs require a special power supply called a ballast that is needed to regulate bulb operating current and provide a compatible start-up voltage. Electronic ballasts perform the same function as a magnetic ballast but outperform the outdated magnetic products by operating at a very high frequency that eliminates flicker and noise while simultaneously increasing efficiency. Electronic ballasts are also more easily designed to allow for more consistent and efficient lamp operation, lamp dimming, and networking of lighting products for advanced control of lighting.

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Choose CFL bulbs? We explain why

With our energy-saving bulbs you can enjoy bright, energizing light, at the same time as saving energy and money. Perfect for task lighting in studies, home offices and other spaces that need extra brightness they last up to 20 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs and use up to 80 % less energy

Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes you will be sure to find the right bulb to fit your needs:

•The very popular stick shape is perfect for functional lighting, typically in common light fixtures, in shaded lamps, where the bulb is less visible

•The compact spiral shape is a perfect fit for smaller light fixtures, and first choice if you need more light output to really brighten up a space

•The standard bulb (``A-shape``)is the most familiar shape, best for creating ambience and a cozy atmosphere, mostly used in table lamps or ceiling fixtures.

•The deco shapes (globes, candles) are used for more decorative fixtures, where the bulb is more visible

•Tubes are used for task lighting, or to light up large areas such as corridors or garages


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Choose CFL bulbs? We explain why



Energy Savers are a very economical choice.

They use up to 85% less energy than classic bulbs, ……and have a lifespan of up to 15 years, so they rarely need replacing.

They offer the perfect range of high-brightness functional lighting for areas like work spaces… kitchens … and living rooms. But there’s more to it!

Philips CFL Energy Savers come in a variety of different shapes and designs.

They’re also available in different color temperatures: from cool, bright daylight-tones, which have a fresh and energizing effect, to warm white tones which are cozy and relaxing.

In short:

if you’re looking for an easy way to save energy and reduce your lighting bills, energy savers are a great choice… and now you know they offer more to create the right light effect and ambience that fits your mood.

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